Global Collaboration and Advocacy for Adult Learning: contributions of a Civil Society Network


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The next UNESCO World Conference on Adult Learning and Education (CONFINTEA VII) will take place in Marrakesh in June 2022. It will be a time to reflect on the past decade and prepare for the future. It will be a chance to integrate deeper with the Education Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals. Civil society has been playing an increasingly important role and should continue to do so.

To prepare for this engagement the editors have selected articles on important aspects related to adult learning and education within lifelong learning for sustainable development from the past two years of the PIMA Bulletin for this collection. They cover a wide variety of thematic areas, and they are related to policy, practice and theory of our field. In addition, it can serve as a reader for students and staff.


Duke, C. & Hinzen, H. (Eds.) (2022) Global Collaboration and Advocacy for Adult Learning: Contributions of a Civil Society Network. CR&DALL Working Paper. CR&DALL WP901/2022, CR&DALL, Glasgow (UK).


CONFINTEA, sustainable development, lifelong learning, citizenship, education, community learning centres, pandemic, global warming, climate justice, financing, digitalization, another world

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