Understanding Universities and Entrepreneurship Education: towards a comprehensive future research agenda


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Understanding the potential and dynamics of entrepreneurship and education requires better understanding of how universities function as knowledge communities, and the role of students in such milieu. This can reveal how universities’ teaching activities influence the development of students’ entrepreneurial orientations and competencies.

This article argues that entrepreneurship education has not yet fulfilled its potential partly because of a poor fit with other knowledge activities of universities. It proposes that a future research agenda for universities’ entrepreneurship education should focus more upon how entrepreneurship activities fit with universities’ core knowledge community activities. This would allow a coherent understanding to emerge of the potentials and limitations of universities’ contributions to the inculcation of entrepreneurial attitudes.

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Benneworth, P. & Osborne, M. (2015) “Understanding universities and entrepreneurship education: towards a comprehensive future research agenda” CHEPS-CR&DALL Working Paper CHEPS 08/2015; CR&DALL 101/2015, CHEPS: Enschede(NL) and CR&DALL, Glasgow (UK).


entrepreneurship education, university institutional architecture, knowledge creation, communities of practice, innovation policy, university enterprise, university entrepreneurship.
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