Standing Up For Education

We are a group of academics and educational researchers who support the broad policy agenda presented in the NUT‘s Stand Up for Education campaign. We see the Stand up for Education initiative as a welcome attempt to present a much more positive and optimistic vision of education than that currently on offer (see our statement of support and list of signatories).

CR&DALL Themes: 

Learning from the Hieroglyphics

Two pieces translated from hieroglyphics as food for thought for the weekend passed on by my colleague Dr. Angela McDonald, Subject Specialist and University Teacher - Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology at the Centre for Open Studies on the train home earlier in the week:

Discussion topics: 

CR&DALL Themes: 

Portfolio of Integration (POI) Project

This Comenius multilateral project within the EC's LLP involved five participating countries (Greece, Italy, Poland, Turkey and the UK).

The main aims of the Portfolio of Integration (POI) project were to test and validate the Notebook of Integration in different national contexts and to adapt the particular content to such contexts. The Notebook itself is an observational and evaluative toolkit originally developed by Oxfam Italia to enhance teachers’ knowledge skills and pedagogy in order to improve the educational integration of migrant/new arrival school students.


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