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Mia Perry on international development: The Scotsman newspaper, April 5, 2018

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In an article published on Thursday April 5, 2018 in The Scotsman newspaper, CR&DALL core member, Dr Mia Perry, calls for "decisive changes to the way we collaborate...substantial resources will continue to be spent at a rapid rate; but the trajectory of change and development in the world will remain consistent with that of the past 50 years".

CR&DALL Themes: 

Strengthening Urban Engagement of Universities in Asia and Africa

The Strengthening Urban Engagement of Universities in Asia and Africa (SUEUAA) project funded by the British Academy under the Cities and Infrastructure programme of its Global Challenges Research Fund is led by the University of Glasgow includes international partners from Iran, Iraq, the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.  It builds on earlier work, the Strengthening the Regional Engagement Role of Universities in Africa and Asia, funded by the Scottish Funding Council and the earlier PURE project within the PASCAL Observatory.

Dr. Rajesh Tandon, UNESCO Co-Chair on Community-Based Research visits School of Education, University of Glasgow

On Sept 15th and 16th 2017, we were delighted to host at the School of Education, University of Glasgow, Professor Rajesh Tandon, the founder-President of PRIA, global participatory research & training centre based in New Delhi, India. PRIA has completed 35 years of work in empowering citizens to claim their rights and organize their own communities. Professor Tandon has also been the UNESCO Co-Chair on Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education since 2012.

CR&DALL Themes: 

Centre for Sustainable, Healthy, and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (CSHLH)

Poverty in and unsustainability of urban areas in the Global South has been a major challenge to researchers and policy makers for a very long time. International and national urban policies still tend to operate at a very general level with policy makers having limited knowledge about the unequal distribution of opportunities, benefits, and harm within the urban population.

Partnership to ensure the sustainability of a public health palliative care project in Bangladesh through community theatre

This is a GCRF AHRC-MRC global partnership grant funded from Dec 2017 – Jun 2019. Among the 160 million population of Bangladesh, it is estimated that 2.23 million people are currently living in over 9,000 slums. In the urban slums of Bangladesh, poverty makes the impact of life-limiting conditions devastating on family and community members. Communities that are already impoverished and marginalised are caring for each other without support. There are very few, if any, community palliative care projects focused on older people in urban slums around the world.

Professor Peter Jarvis - 80th Birthday

Three former professors of adult education, and the current chair, from the University of Glasgow were amongst some 100 friends and colleagues who celebrated the 80th birthday of Professor Peter Jarvis, the eminent adult educator, known to all in the field. Professor Lalage Bown, Emeritus Professor of Adult Education at Glasgow eloquently spoke of his contributions especially in the international sphere.

CR&DALL Themes: 

Geothermally Sourced Combined Power and Freshwater Generation for Eastern Africa

This project is researching and developing the capacity within local and community resources to generate water and energy from beneath the surface of the land. It is a large and exciting environmental sustainability project, starting in May for 3 years (the EPSRC contribution is £1,330,441.31). Mia's role will be focused on ensuring the social, community, and qualitative aspects of the research, engagement and education around the project.


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