Learning and Living in Diverse Communities


"Learning and Living in Diverse Communities" was the theme of the conference that took place in the House of Civic Communities in the city of Pécs, Hungary, in June 2019. It was the 11th conference which the specialized network on “Between Global and Local – Adult Learning and Communities” of the European Society on the Research for the Education of Adults (ESREA) has been organizing ever since 2006.

PASCAL Co-Director Balázs Nemeth was the host, and he is now the Editor of an e-book which contains those manuscripts which were sent to him after a lively conference with rich presentations and discussions. We are now 10 months later after the conference and all of us get a Feeling that the "communities of today" are somewhat different than those that were widely research and presented in Pécs. The e-book is a rich source, even in a comparative perspective of community-based face-to-face larning to the digital-communities that are gaining ground quickly in all sorts of educational institutions.


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