Recent CR&DALL Projects

This section covers recent CR&DALL work which is now closed.


Building Futures: Aspirations of Syrian Youth Refugees and Host Population Responses in Lebanon, Greece & the UK

This is an in-depth and innovative comparative study of the experiences, skills and aspirations of young Syrian refugees, who have been forcibly displaced by the conflict in their home country, and the corresponding attitudes and belief structures of the host population in three receiving states: Lebanon, Greece and the United Kingdom.


Entrepreneurship education prepares people to be responsible and enterprising individuals. It helps people develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to achieve the goals they set out for themselves.

Student Transitions: Supporting students to develop new skills and strategies for successful transitions, funded by Quality Assurance Agency - April-July 2015

Project leader: Ming Cheng

Project members: Dr Gayle Pringles Barnes,  Dr Manousos Valyrakis & Professor Christine Edwards

Summary: This project aims to explore key skills that students need to develop, in order to achieve successful transitions. It will critically review existing transition models that have been used to facilitate student transition as well as identify successful institutional practice and strategies of supporting student transitions.

Identity, citizenship and belonging among settled Eastern European migrant children in the UK

Project Co-PI: Marta Moskal

Project members:Daniela Sime (PI) from Sociology and Social Policy, University of Strathclyde and Co-I Tyrell from Geography, University of Plymouth:

Summary: This is a Standard Grant from the ESRC of 2 years and 4 months duration that started on 1 April 2016. 

Focus of the project

Development Awareness and Teacher Professional Development

This project funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) from 2005-2008 was  led by the Global Citizenship Unit with Dr Alan Britton as one of the PIs. It sought to enhance understanding of key development issues among education professionals and students, in partnership with Development NGOs.

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Continuing Intercultural Professional Development in Europe

This project was funded from 2007-2009 within the EC's Lifelong Learning Programme under its Comenius Multilateral Project strand.  Dr Alan Britton was the concept developer and PI,  The project involved supporting the development of teachers’ intercultural understanding through online professional engagement across five European countries.

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