Recent CR&DALL Projects

This section covers recent CR&DALL work which is now closed.


Higher Education and Innovation

An EC DG EAC funded project with LSE Associates and Research voor Belied (Mike Osborne with PASCAL associates including Professors Chris Duke and Dr Fumi Kitagawa)

The overall aim of the study will be to contribute to the better understanding of recent developments affecting higher education and offer evidence on how innovation can support higher education in times of change.  Specific objectives are identified as follows:

The making of the 'precariat': unemployment, insecurity and work-poor young adults in harsh economic conditions

This project is funded under the Secondary Data Analysis Initiative of the ESRC. Together with colleagues at the Centre for Labour Market Studies at the University of Leciester (John Goodwin, Henrietta O'Connor and Sarah Hadfield) we are focusing on unemployment, underemployment and precarious work among young people. The project involves secondary analysis of two projects carried out in the 1980s which are compared with contemporary data from a national survey, Understanding Society. The project commences in February 2013.

Andy Furlong, Stuart Hall and Kevin Lowden

The Interim Evaluation of the EC's Lifelong Learning Programme, 2007-2013

By 2010, the current Lifelong Learning Programme of the EC had run for three years. In order to improve the continuation of the programme, and to provide recommendations for the successor programme (2014–2019), the Commission launched an interim evaluation. The objective of this evaluation led by Public Policy and Management Institute in Vilnius was twofold, namely to provide a retrospective and a prospective analysis. The evaluation covered the period from 2007-2009 and included analysis of the overall programme as well as its sub-programmes.