Recent CR&DALL Projects

This section covers recent CR&DALL work which is now closed.


Grundtvig International Network of Course Organisers (GINCO)

LLL Programme - GRUNDTVIG Multilateral project.  The GINCO network aims: to contribute to improve the quality of GRU European training provision and its accreditation systems; to install effective mechanisms for co-operation between (potential) GRU course organisers; to strengthen the cooperation between the relevant stakeholders of GRU courses: AE providers, NAs, the European Commission and other relevant stakeholders; to contribute to the professionalization of adult education staff concerning GRU course provision and delivery; to expand the GRU course provision in eligible countries of t

Tertiary Higher Education for People in Mid-life (THE-PM)

The main challenges of the ageing knowledge economy are constant upgrading of the skills of the active population and mitigating new and old social risks. People in mid-life is increasingly exposed to risks of exclusion from the labour market and lifelong learning. The inclusion of this age group in HE is one of the main challenges of education and training systems.  The project aims to study the TLL of HE institutes in several countries with respect to inclusion of mid-life learners.

PASCAL Universities for a Modern Renaissance (PUMR)

PUMR is an ongoing and developing programme undertaken by the PASCAL Obseratory and operated  through CR&DALL from the University of Glasgow.  It focusses on college and university clients who commit to using the best principles of social capital, place management, and life-long learning to inspire and sustain strategic partnerships with policy makers, professional practitioners (both public and private), businesses and communities in their regions to secure improvement to regional competitiveness and the quality of life for all residents. 

PASCAL Universities Regional Engagement (PURE) project

PURE is a major international study undertaken by PASCAL International Observatory and operated through CR&DALL from the University of Glasgow.

PURE has extended and developed previous work of the OECD to a series of new regions, and develops PASCAL International themes through applied consultancy. Nineteen regions were involved in the first cohort from 2009 to 2011. A number of new regions are expected to join in 2011 and beyond.