Recent CR&DALL Projects

This section covers recent CR&DALL work which is now closed.


What constitutes teacher excellence in higher education? Literature Review of ‘Excellence in teaching and learning’

Concepts of excellence, like concepts of quality, are subject to debate. This was illustrated by the CHERI (2007) report and remains a valid observation. However, as well as continued operationalising of these contentious concepts since 2007, added urgency has arisen to engage with excellence in university teaching, especially in areas of the globe particularly affected by the economic downturn, Australia, USA, Europe.

Supporting and Developing the Curriculum: Curriculum Mapping and Assessment Blueprinting

The Developing and Supporting the Curriculum (DSC) Steering Group, has commissioned a project on the Curriculum for Excellence and its impact on universities.  The project is being undertaken as a research study, focusing on the impact of the Curriculum for Excellence pedagogical changes for universities, from the perspectives of schools, colleges and universities. The study will research, and contribute towards, the development of a sustainable and productive dialogue between schools, colleges and HEIs, with the involvement of a wide range of cross-sector agencies and organisations, on the

BAGRu: Job relevant basic skills concepts and tools for groups facing particular challenges at the labour market

The project aimed at developing and implementing concepts and instruments that focus on orientation towards learners’ actual life situations and characteristics of the labour market. The overall objective was integrating groups facing particular challenges at the labour market into education, training and employment.  Partners include BBB Germany, BEST Germany, Folkuniversitetet Kristianstad, Papilot – Instiute Zavod za vzpodbujanje in razvijanje kvalitete ž ivljenja, Wyzsza Szkola Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Lodzi and IRFA Sud. PI: Ralf St Clair


LLL Programme - KA4 DISSEMINATION AND EXPLOITATION OF RESULTS (Transversal Programme) - Partners as follows: Universus – CSEI, Bari; Lernende Regionen Deutschland e.V.; University of Pecs