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Here is the latest DVV International Newsletter issue featured below. It carries a wealth of important and practice-oriented information on current developments in the areas of ALE and LLL, especially where DVV International and its partners are involved. Additionally, it contains materials and documents with easy access.

The conference took place in the Gustav Stresemann Institute in Bonn on 11 and 12 December 2023, organized by the German Rectors´ Conference. It is part of the project  MODUS – Enhancing student mobility across educational boundaries through recognition.

We are happy to announce the opening of the call for papers for a panel “Adult learning and education for a socially just society: appraising policy and practice” hosted within the 3rd Scuola Democratica Conference to be held in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) in June 3-4-5-6, 2024. The purpose of this panel is to encourage debate and progress on researching how adult education policy and learning practices at local, national and international levels contribute to, or hamper, the development of a more socially just society.

Like most people in my country and many beyond, especially in the education research and sociology fields, I was shocked by  Ronald G. Sultana’s sudden demise at 65. I am still reeling from the phone call I received on the morning of November 24 from a mutual friend and once collaborator of Ronald’s, informing me of his death.

The International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) was founded in 1973 after a group of colleagues like Roby Kidd from Canada, Paul Mhaiki from Tanzania, Helmuth Dolff from Germany and Paul Bertelson from UNESCO headquarters had met a year before for CONFINTEA III in Tokyo. They agreed to work towards a global civil society based organisation bringing national and regional associations in adult learning and education together.