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The Centre for Sustainable Healthy Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC) has now produced its second animation, which concerns the Impact of its Capacity Strengthening work in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The animation is presented here and can also be found at this link, and we hope that subscribers will find it of interest.

With the adoption of the Marrakech Framework for Action at the Seventh International Conference on Adult Education on 17 June 2022, representatives of over 140 countries committed to translating the vision of a right to lifelong learning into reality. They undertook to significantly increase adult participation in learning and recognized the need for increased financial investment in adult learning and education.

Greetings to everyone, friends, and family of the Sustainable Futures Global Network. We are delighted to share with you some news and updates from across the network. A network that is working through new freedoms and relief at the relaxing of the pandemic impacts, but also new challenges and urgencies as communities and ecologies continue to struggle with social and ecological sustainability.

PASCAL International Observatory, whose European base is at the University of Glasgow, has been engaged in a range of activities around the world. These include a major collaboration with the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, a successful webinar series, Learning Cities COVID-19 recovery: from research to practice, co-led by PASCAL director, Mike Osborne in 2020, which for the convenience of subscribers we are now re-posting and highlighting as a complete entity here.

John Gaventa formerly from the Highlander School in Appalachia now with the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University and I recently attended the memorial for the late Hywel Francis, adult educator, activist, historian, politician at a Miner’s Welfare Hall in South Wales.  We were reminded of the strength and transformative impact of the work of Hywel, his wife Mair and his colleagues and the power of this movement.  We wanted to draw more international attention to the importance of this adult education movement.