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UIL has just finalized and published a report, entitled ‘Embracing a culture of lifelong learning: contribution to the Futures of Education initiative’, which will we hope be of interest to subscribers and is attached. This report has been developed based on a transdisciplinary online consultation, which took place from 26 May to 12 June 2020.

On 1 September, as one of the key events of the 2020 Global Learning Festival, the Wyndham Council Learning Community team, in partnership with the Australian Learning Communities Network (ALCN), ran a webinar on using the Collective Impact Assessment Tool (CIAT).

The event was a collaboration between various partners that have been involved in the design, development, or implementation of the Collective Impact Assessment Tool, known as ‘CIAT’ since it was first designed several years ago by the Melton Learning Board.

The CR&DALL project, Educational Peacebuilding in Medellin and Acapulco: Understanding the role of education, culture and learning in responding to crises, is formally launched with an online event on 3 September 2020, and has produced its first Briefing Paper (featured below and attached)”.

After three months of planning with partners across the globe, including the team from the PASCAL Observatory and the UNESCO UIL team, the launch and day 1 of the inaugural 2020 Global Learning Festival was a huge success!

This paper, jointly prepared by Cedefop and the ETF, aims to inform the next steps in VET policy-making at the EU level, including the Osnabruck declaration expected to be discussed by ministers in the autumn of 2020. It puts forward key challenges and opportunities for VET which have emerged from the intelligence, research, and evidence collected over the years by the two agencies, each within its own remit and geographic scope.