No need to keep learning if you don’t do any work?

This summer, we went to Russia, where we were driving across Kaliningrad Oblast and Pskov Oblast. In the museums and the zoo, where the price list promised student discounts, I produced my ISIC card and my fellow traveller – a vocational student’s card. Immediately, we were told that our looks undoubtedly gave our age away as the marks of grey were clearly visible.

We were laughed at. Ticket aunties looked out of their boxes in astonishment: “Students? Um… Are you joking?” One even offered us a pensioner discount.

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Towards maximising international PhD students’ experience - Extended Summary

Following the highly successful ESRC IAA workshop event Towards maximising international PhD students’ experience on 29th March 2017, we are pleased to share with you the Extended Summary, which provides an overview of the workshop and themes that were raised during the event.

Recent MSc in Adult and Continuing Education graduate, Ye Xiaohan, accepted into PhD programme

We are very pleased to report that our recent MSc in Adult and Continuing Education graduate, Ye Xiaohan. has successfully passed the examination and interview for entry into the PhD programme at the prestigious East China Normal University where she will be supervised by Professor Huang Jian.

At Glasgow during her MSc, she was supervised for her dissertation, which explored how lifelong learning provision promotes social inclusion and wellbeing of migrant workers in Shanghai, by CR&DALL director, Professor Mike Osborne. He reports that he is

Third Age Learning and Brain Plasticity

The University of Strathclyde has recently hosted a week of activities for a group of academics from Eastern Europe - Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, under the aegis of Tempus Third Age Learning.  As a teacher of older adults since 1991 in the University's Centre for Lifelong Learning I think I have learned a lot about methods that are effective, really draw older adults in and add to the richness of their lives.

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How do we teach adults to read and write? Seminar by Diane Gardner

On 31 March, Diane Gardner, Senior Lecturer at the City of Glasgow College, conducted a workshop at the University of Glasgow. Diane outlined her system of synethetic phonics, based on the critical pedagogy of Paulo Freire, that she uses in her teaching practice.  She is currently in working in partnership with the BBC Skillswise programme.

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Transnational migration increasingly impacts lifelong learning

The growing mobility of people across national borders has resulted in demographic, social, and cultural change that creates new opportunities as well as new challenges for lifelong learning. However, there is surprisingly little research and analysis of the relations between international migration and lifelong learning. In this blog I would like to bring up some emerging issues that need to be discussed in relation to the impact of transnational migration on lifelong learning, especially in the UK context.

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CR&DALL visits Ethiopia

In early September Rod Purcell and Dave Beck from CR&DALL visited the University of Jimma in Ethiopia.

The University of Jimma is rated as the No 1 public university in Ethiopia and 39th in Africa. It has 42,000 students and offers a full spectrum of course provision including Medical and Agricultural Schools. The city of Jimma has a population of around 120,000 and is a major regional centre in the south west of of Ethiopia.

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Cities, Universities and Science

In a government reshuffle in Britain in July 2014, newly appointed universities Minister and Cabinet Member Greg Clark assumed a role expanded from that of his predecessor David Willetts. Cities were added to his portfolio. The Times Higher Education leader for 24 July, Closing the “town-gown” gap, mentions a concern that this further signals ‘the reduction of universities into economic tools or “engines of growth”’.

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Muir Houston helps Romania celebrate Lifelong Learning Day

I was recently invited to attend Lifelong Learning Day (26th April 2014), part of the University of Bucharest’s 150th anniversary celebrations in Bucharest, Romania. This was then followed by the 4th International Conference on Adult Education: "Adult Education in Universities. Local and Regional Perspectives" (27th – 30th April 2014) held at Iasi, Romania.

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