GRAMNet and CR&DALL joint seminar: Language Education with and for migrants and refugees in Greece

University of Glasgow School of Education
Main Building, Room 246
Fore Hall, University Avenue
G12 8QQ
United Kingdom
Wednesday, 7 June, 2023 - 12:00 to 13:00

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Dr. Roula Kitsiou (University of Thessaly, Greece

Due to extended migration, especially since 2015, Greek society is facing new challenges arising from the different social and educational needs of heterogeneous groups with migration or refugee experiences. In this presentation, Dr Kitsiou will focus on (second) language teaching as a critical and creative way that can provide opportunities for intercultural dialogue, linguistic justice, socialisation, empowerment and subjective well-being for all stakeholders involved.

In particular, she will present and discuss some examples from the implementation of research and education projects in the Greek context over the last 12 years (2011-2023) that address the language literacy and intercultural communication needs of youth and adults with migrant or refugee backgrounds, as well as some educational policy initiatives that include the training of pre-service and in-service language teachers and mediators. When translanguaging, critical language awareness, place-based and rhizocurricular approaches are used, all of society can benefit.



Dr. Roula Kitsiou (University of Thessaly, Greece) is an Assistant Professor of Sociolinguistics in the Department of Language and Intercultural Studies at University of Thessaly. For the past 12 years, she has been working on sociolinguistic and inclusive education with various social groups with migrant or refugee backgrounds. Her research interests include the study of linguistic landscapes as part of the sociolinguistics of writing, issues of multilingualism and language policy, linguistic ethnography, and critical discourse analysis. The event will be chaired by Dr Maria Grazia Imperiale, Lecturer in Adult Education in the School of Education (University of Glasgow).

GRAMNet and CR&DALL joint seminar: Language Education with and for migrants and refugees in Greece

Presenter: Dr Roula Kitsiou, Department of Language and Intercultural Studies, University of Thessaly (Greece)

Date: 7th June 2023, 1200-1300

Location: Main Building, Room 246: Fore Hall, University Avenue, Glasgow G12 8QQ

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