International Association for Community Development

The International Association for Community Development (IACD) is a global network of community activists, professional development workers and academics. IACD and CRADALL have functional links through the work of Rod Purcell and Dave Beck. Both Rod and Dave are CRADALL Affiliates and staff members of the University of Glasgow as well as being board members of IACD. In June 2014 the IACD international conference will be in Glasgow and hosted by the University. More details will be given in a future post. One of the roles of IACD is to publish on current practice innovations and research findings relating to community development. Readers may be interested in the following publications: Practice Insights: which has articles on community development and poverty in Scotland, Asset Building in Europe, Self-reliant groups in India and an article by Rod on community organising in Chicago. Lisbon Papers: Edited by Mick Carpenter of the Community Development Journal and Rod Purcell, these are the key papers from the 2011 IACD international conference. Appreciating Assets: A thorough introduction and discussion of the asset approach to community development. More information on IACD can be found here: Sports brands | adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Sand - Grailify

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