Learning from the Hieroglyphics

Two pieces translated from hieroglyphics as food for thought for the weekend passed on by my colleague Dr. Angela McDonald, Subject Specialist and University Teacher - Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology at the Centre for Open Studies on the train home earlier in the week:

"The beginning of the teaching which the man of Tjaru named Dua- Khety made for his son named Pepy, while he sailed southwards to the Residence to place him in the school of writings among the children of the magistrates, the most eminent men of the Residence. Thereupon he spoke to him: Since I have seen those who have been beaten, it is to writings that you must set your mind. See for yourself, it saves one from hard labour. Look, there is nothing better than books! They are like floating upon the water."

The Satire of the Trades (Hieratic 'wisdom' text,
composed in the Middle Kingdom, c. 21st century BC)

"Learning and incompetence exist among those of [your] town. Exalt in your heart those of your town. Do not say: ‘‘I am educated.’’ Set yourself to learn. Do not do something about which you have not first inquired. Your best interest is in inquiring."

The Instruction of Onchsheshonqy (demotic wisdom text,
composed around the 26th Dynasty, c. 7-6th centuries BC)



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