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Peer suggests redirecting funds for organic farming to research

In a debate on genetically modified food in the House of Lords on 17 October, Lib Dem peer Dick Taverne asked Conservative peer Rupert Ponsonby whether he would lobby the farming minister to “transfer the millions of pounds that are available for conversion to organic our first-class research institutes such as Rothamsted and the John Innes Centre”.

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The Museum of 3rd Horizons: By 2025 Scotland will be regarded as a world-leading learning nation

The Goodison Group in Scotland and Scotland's Futures Forum's scenario project “By 2025 Scotland will be regarded as a world-leading learning nation” was launched earlier this year. We are now embedding learning. The adult learning sector is alive with strong values and practices which will be key to success. This hugely innovative ‘Museum of the 3rd Horizon’ event in Glasgow will bring together those involved in adult learning now and in the past to share and explore those values, practices, barriers and opportunities.

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Food Security to 2050: Issues for the global south

The Glasgow Centre for International Development are hosting a free public seminar on Tuesday 15 October. Professor Tim Benton, University of Leeds and UK Food Security Champion will explore issues around global food security and the major drivers at a macro level - economic and population growth and climate change. For more details please see the flyer attached.

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Strategic Forum on Adult Lifelong Learning

The first meeting of the Strategic Forum for Adult and Lifelong Learning was held on Thursday 3 October. It will "take forward a coherent and ambitious agreed policy in a sector that needs renewed attention" said Mike Russell, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning.

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The geographical and temporal displacement of young people’s knowledge and agency: impacts for food security and environmental change.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Thomas Aneurin Smith to our food security discussion forum. Tom is a Teaching Assistant in Human Geography in the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield. In this short article Tom explores the influence of young people on current practices in agriculture, pastoralism and fishing raising interesting questions about the relationship between adults and young people and the impact of this on future food production and environmental change

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Food security and climate change: global issues that require a global response

In order to survive, human beings have to eat and over the course of their life span most human feel the sun, rain, snow or wind on their skin.  Therefore from cradle to grave we all engage with food in some form and we are all aware of  the weather and how it impacts on many aspects of our lives.  Food security and climate change are consequently vitally important topics that have the potential to touch us all in one way or another.

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