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We are very pleased to present the third issue of the Céreq international Mission's publication "In and Around" (in English), which is attached for subscribers' convenience.

If we are to cope with climate change, what types of radical changes in occupations, firms, and regional economic systems are to be performed? How will they impact workers’ careers and firms’ practices, employment structures and work organisation, work routines, and training provision?

In order to provide an overview of what we know so far, this In and Around gathers several recent research materials together as follows:

Introduction by Nathalie Moncel 


  • Employment and the ecological transition: what scenarios for the future? Dominique MÉDA 
  • Identifying and supporting the skills required for the ecological transition, Liza BAGHIONI & Nathalie MONCEL
  • What role does education play in environmental concerns?, Magali JAOUL-GRAMMARE & Anne STENGER 
  • From restructuring to career transitions: a new era of occupational mobility? Damien BROCHIER 

WHAT ELSE? Work, ecology and knowledge: a field of reflection and dispute, Claudia FIGARI 


  • C-Terre project: meeting skills needs in the context of the ecological transition
  • Bilt project: bridging innovation and learning in TVET(UNEVOC-UNESCO)
  • Ceil (Argentina), the 50th anniversary

Editor's Note: CEREQ is the Centre d’études et de recherches sur les qualifications in Marseille


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