Adult Education – Past, Present and Future A seminar in honour of Emerita Professor Lalage Bown

University of Glasgow School of Education
St. Andrews Building, Room 201
11 Eldon Street
Glasgow G3 6NH
United Kingdom

Seminar Series: 

Unfortunately, due to ill-health, this event has been CANCELLED. We hope to reschedule in the near future.

Earlier this year, Lalage Bown, who was formerly Head of the Department of Adult and Continuing Education, celebrated her 90th birthday. In her honour we have arranged this seminar to reflect on some of what was, what is and what will be in the field of adult education. We will be joined by a number of speakers who have worked with Lalage in the past and many of her former colleagues, all of whom we hope will make contributions in open discussion.

All presentations will be short and informal, and we hope will give a sense of the direction we have been travelling. This is an open event and all are invited to attend.


Wednesday, October 4th, 2017, 09.30-14.00, School of Education, St. Andrews Building Room 201, 11 Eldon Street, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G3 6NH

0930 Opening Remarks

Professor Michael Osborne, Director of CR&DALL, University of Glasgow

0945 -1100 Initial Panel

In this session, three academics who have worked in both Scotland and beyond in the field of adult education, will reflect on developments in particular fields from the 1980s to the present day, followed by discussion.

  • The wider benefits of learning - Professor Tom Schuller, formerly Director of Continuing Education, University of Edinburgh and former Director of CERI at OECD
  • Globalisation and adult education – Professor Maria Slowey, Dublin City University and former Head of DACE at the University of Glasgow
  • Access and Retention – Emeritus Professor Jim Gallacher, and former Director of the Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning (CRLL), Glasgow Caledonian University

1100-1130 Coffee (Fifth Floor landing)

1130 – 1230 (Room 518) Some highlights of current teaching and research in adult education at the University of Glasgow

In this session, a number of staff and students within the School of Education and the Centre for Open Studies at the University of Glasgow will share some of their current work.

Young Adult Lifelong Learning – Dr. Oscar Valiente and Dr. Queralt Capsada-Munsech
Oscar and Queralt will present some initial findings from a Horizon 2020 project, the first funding that we have received from the EC within this funding strand.

Gender and Higher Education in Africa – Dr. Barbara Read
Barbara will report on the work of a network funded by the ESRC within the aegis of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). Global challenges and the Sustainable Development Goals have become a major element of our research work within the School of Education, and this is one of 10 projects funded under GCRF that we are running.

Big Data and later lifelong learning – Dr. Catherine Lido
Catherine will present some initial findings from a study of 1600 households in Glasgow undertaken within the Education component of the ESRC-funded Urban Big Data Centre.

The Access to Higher Education Programme – Dr. Alec MacKinnon
The Access to Higher Education Programme at the University is one of the most longstanding programmes of its type in Scotland, and continues to provide opportunities for local adults almost 40 years since its inception. Alec will offer his reflections of its place in Scottish Higher Education

The International Masters in Adult Education for Social Change (IMAESC) – Dr. Bonnie Slade
IMAESC is funded by the EC through the Erasmus Mundus Programme and is a co-operation with universities in Malta, Estonia, Cyprus and Malaysia. It offers full studentships and support for a two year programme to some 20 students per year. Bonnie, who is the programme director, will present some highlights of the first year, and we can expect some of the second cohort to be present and perhaps to speak.

Entrepreneurship and Learning-to-Learn Skills among Young Adults in Nigeria – Samir Halliru
Samir is one of our many international PhD students in adult education and a university lecturer in this field in Nigeria, and as he reaches the culmination of his studies will present a taste of his dissertation.

1230-1300 Reflections – A panel chaired by Dr Margaret Sutherland, Deputy Director of CR&DALL, University of Glasgow

In the final session a panel will reflect on what they have heard and provide for us some thoughts as to the future of adult education. They each have a lot to draw on!


  • Emeritus Professor Alan Rogers, University of East Anglia
  • Emeritus Professor John Field, University of Stirling
  • Emerita Professor Lalage Bown, University of Glasgow (photo right)


Lunch 1300-1400 (Fifth Floor Landing)


All are welcome. Please RSVP to [email protected] to book your place. 

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