ALA Quest - Issue 3, 2022

ALA Quest - Issue 3, 2022

Welcome to our latest issue of Quest featuring stories and news about life-changing adult education programs around Australia.

This issue features great stories about the transformative power of returning to learning as an adult shared during Adult Learners Week by keynote speakers, learning ambassadors, scholarship winners and more.

During the launch of Adult Learners Week mature age uni student Brendan Murray described what it’s like to learn to read and write as an adult. Musician Mitch Tambo reflected on how a pathway program turned him onto education. Heywire winner Dottie Wilson described how dropping out of school and pursuing an alternative path to education turned her life around.

Our wonderful Adult Learners Week ambassadors and scholarship winners shared the lessons they’ve learned as adults and their experiences highlight the kind of courage and persistence that’s involved in re-engaging with education as adults.

Our ‘Best ALW event’ winners – chosen from a large field of great contenders —showcase the many forms that adult learning can take and the kinds of innovative strategies adult and community education organisations use to attract people back to learning.

In Quest we feature stories about how people develop confidence to take on challenges and overcome disadvantage through adult education. And how the organisations behind these kinds of programs are working to improve the lives of people in their communities.

You can read full issues of Quest or individual articles in the stories section of our website.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Feel free to send me any feedback.


Gina Perry


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