Anna Wilson appointed Deputy Director of CR&DALL

Anna Wilson appointed Deputy Director of CR&DALL

We are delighted to report that Dr Anna Wilson, Reader in Interdisiplinary Research within the School of Education, has been appointed Deputy Director of CR&DALL.

Anna has  previously held positions as a physicist, an academic developer, an HCI/social science researcher and an education academic. Her research and teaching focus on how we learn (and how we learn to learn) to approach, understand and deal with complex knowledge, situations and challenges. These include but are not limited to:

  • sustainability (e.g. waste, plastics, energy, the climate crisis)
  • technologisation of work and life (e.g. datafication, increasing use of digital technologies to support decision-making, design for ethical systems)
  • research (e.g. how we learn to "do" research)

"We", in the above, can mean individuals, groups, communities or organisations.

These interests inevitably lead to a need to play with and develop new research methods and methodologies. Currently she is working with fiction and made-up stories, ways of speaking that allow us to imagine alternative pasts, presents and futures, and that in so doing express some important realities.

She is currently the PI of two projects: CC(U)S Futures: exploring workforce imaginaries, funded by EPRSC and Waste Stories, funded by the Leverhulme Trust