Anti-racist education practices and initiatives

Anti-racist education practices and initiatives - Action Aid

There is an urgent need to address the structural and everyday racism that exists in education systems across the world. Black, Indigenous and minority ethnic children are being systematically failed by schooling systems. Curriculum often fails to represent and affirm the diversity of language and culture. School practices can reproduce rather than challenge racial hierarchies. The inequitable financing and marketisation of school systems entrench racialised segregation and exclusion.

Racism takes different forms around the world: anti-Blackness, communalism, casteism, Islamophobia, and so on – but now is the time to build global awareness of efforts to imagine and create public education systems that can confront racism in all its forms.  

Action Aid is pleased to announce a new advocacy initiative on anti-racist education that seeks to build mutual learning and solidarity between grassroots education movements and initiatives internationally. This is rooted in long-term work with Black and Indigenous activists, networks, and young people who are leading anti-racist education interventions in Brazil (see the partner logos below). To complement and to dialogue with that work, we are partnering with a team at the School of Education, University of Bristol, to map, elevate and connect anti-racist education practices, initiatives and actors across the world. 

Whether you are a student or youth activist, a teacher, a campaigner, a government official, a practitioner, an academic or an advocate we want to hear from you about your practical experiences in advocating for or advancing anti-racist public education. Help us learn about the important anti-racist work that has been going on in your schools, communities, organisations, unions or countries. Please fill in this short survey and use it to also register your interest in being part of this global initiative for anti-racist education over the coming years. 

Please respond to this call for participation by 25th January 2022 at the latest.

For further information please contact: Arathi Sriprakash, University of Bristol or David Archer, ActionAid.



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