ASEM LLL Hub Biennial Conference in Copenhagen


The ASEM LLL hub is delighted to have held a forum on the theme of 21ST CENTURY SKILLS from 3-5 October 2016 at Danish School of Education, Aarhus University in Copenhagen, Denmark with some 120 delegates from Asia and Europe.

We would like to thank our invited guests: Ms. Signe Tychsen Philip (Head of Office, Danish Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality), Ms. Enda Wulandari (Deputy Director of ASEM Education Secretariat), and Ms. Leonie Nagarajan (Representative of Asia-Europe Foundation-ASEF) - their opening remarks were excellent. Also a special thanks to invited Ambassadors of ASEM Countries who came and supported the Lifelong Learning Agenda in their respective country. Furthermore, we would also thank all of the four keynote speakers for giving such great presentations. Also a great thank you to all of the workshop speakers as well as chairs for their contribution to the Forum.

We were pleased that amongst our presenters were two representatives from CR&DALL at the University of Glasgow, Muir Houston and Mike Osborne . Muir presented a paper entitled Models of Partnership and Collaboration in Work-based and -related Learning in Higher Education and Mike presented a paper entitled, Big Data and Its Impact on Lifelong Learning Policy Building. Abstracts and powerpoints of all papers can be found at this link.

Presentation materials from Muir Houston and Mike Osborne featured below and attached...


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