Céreq | Do firms facilitate the construction of competences?


We are very pleased to present the second issue of the Céreq international Mission's publication "In and Around" (in English). This new issue entitled - Do firms facilitate the construction of competences? - is based on a selection of communications presented during the Céreq's 6th Biennial held on September 24th 2020.

  • Introduction by Céline Gasquet, Scientific Director at Céreq
  • Foreign expert’s outlook: are workplace environments fit for purpose in an age of change? Lorna Unwin, Professor Emerita (Vocational Education), Institute of Education, University College London
  • The impact of digital technology on skills in logistics warehouses. Mathieu Hocquelet, Researcher at Céreq
  • Subcontracting in value chains: the weak link in firm-based training. Josiane Vero, Senior researcher at Céreq, Jean-Claude Sigot, Deputy head of the Training and certification department at Céreq
  • Constructing the skills of the future in the construction and civil engineering (CCE) sector. Antoine Bonleu, Researcher at Céreq, Olivier Joseph, Senior reseacher at Céreq, Emmanuel Sulzer, Senior researcher at Céreq, Marie-Hélène Toutin-Trelcat, Senior researcher at Céreq’s associated centre in Lille
  • What else? Continuing vocational training and SMEs: specificities, practices and potentials. Aline Valette-Wursthen, Senior researcher at Céreq

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