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Here is the latest issue of Céreq News: Fall 2019 / Winter 2020:

Newsletter | Fall 2019 | Winter 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch
of our new English-speaking website!



Our goal with this new English-speaking website is to provide our visitors with a user-friendly navigation to discover our publications and ongoing studies about Training, work and employment. We hope you enjoy this new website and easily find all the information you need!

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BILT Project


"Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET" 


Bonn, 1 June 2019


Céreq is involved in the Bilt Project launched in Bonn on 1 June 2019. The project brings together European experiences and practices to address our modern‐day challenges of an attractive and relevant TVET system and provides a platform to bridge experiences within Europe. Eventually, BILT is also expected to act as a springboard for trans‐regional action, involving innovative UNESCO-UNEVOC Centres in the Asia‐Pacific and African regions. It will tackle TVET challenges through peer learning on greening, digitalization/industry 4.0, entrepreneurship, migration and new qualifications and competencies.

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Bibb-Céreq meeting - October 15-16, 2019
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Girls’ schooling in France
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Assessing Employment and Skills Needs in Informal Economies
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Track-Vet Project
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Employee training 2.0: the lever effect of ICTs

Enhancing access to and the use and quality of ICTs is one of the 11 thematic objectives of the European Union’s cohesion policy for the period 2014-2020.

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And women became better qualified than men... 

Over the last two decades across Europe, young women’s position in the labour market has improved.

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The evolution of the training-to-work transition for apprentices in France over the last twenty years

Initial vocational training for young people in France is structured around two pathways: the school-based pathway, with training provided in vocational high schools, and the apprenticeship pathway.

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Apprenticeship in Germany and its challenges

Germany is (well) known in France for its apprenticeship system, but do the French really know it ? The first objective of this thematic issue will be to go beyond the superficial (re) presentations of the German dual Vocational and Training system.

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International Events - Seminars - Foreign Visitors to Cereq 


6th Céreq biennial conference 

Paris, France 

“Do firms facilitate the construction of competences?”

How can the firms facilitate the construction and development of competences? It is this question, which lies at the heart of public debates and policies, that we will address during the next Céreq Biennial, taking advantage of the light shed on it by academic studies in the field.» (Lectures in French).


Past events


Rainbow Years Project

Milan, Italy 

Aline Valette-Wursthen and Jean-Marie Dubois attended the final meeting of  the Project.



BILT Project
Lausanne, Switzerland
Matteo Sgarzi  attended the BILT Project on good practices in France.

E.QU.AL Project's final meeting
Italy, Rome
Matteo Sgarzi  attended the E.QU.AL Project's final meeting and the INAPP meeting in Rome.

15-16 /10/2019

Bibb-Céreq meeting 

Marseille, France

Following the new cooperation agreement signed in April between Céreq and Bibb, representatives of the two organisations met at the Céreq premises in Marseille.

3-4/10/2019 - 

Assessing Informal Employment and Skills Needs

Moscow, Russia

Aline Valette-WursthenAntoine Bonleu et Matteo Sgarzi attended the annual RLMM Seminar. 


Satelit Project - Fez, Morocco - Final meeting of the Satelit Project.


Track-Vet Project - Bratislava, Slovakia - Matteo Sgarzi and Josiane Paddeu will attend the fourth working meeting of the Track-Vet project.

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