Céreq: News, publications and events ¦ Spring 2023

Céreq: News, publications and events ¦ Spring  2023

We are pleased to be able to make available to CR&DALL subscribers highlights of the work in the first quarter of 2023 of the Céreq, a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry responsible for Education and the Ministry responsible for Labour and Employment in France.

The Céreq's mission is to better understand the links between training, work and employment, to enlighten those involved in training and work by drawing lessons from studies and research, to support and equip professionals in setting up evaluation or observation systems. It conducts field studies and research, builds statistical surveys and disseminates the knowledge acquired by promoting its work to a wide audience.





Céreq News | Spring 2023


# Upcoming event



[ Workshop ] Skills development through on-the-job learning and  recognition (4 countries)

  • Argentina - Centro de investigaciones sociales (CIS)
  • France - Centre d’études et de recherches sur les qualifications (Céreq)
  • Sénégal - Office national de la formation professionnelle (ONFP)
  • Morocco - Instance nationale d’évaluation du conseil supérieur de l’éducation, la formation et la recherche scientifique (INE-CSEFRS)

1:45pm - Welcome coffee Introduction

Research project's main conclusions (CIS, Céreq, ONFP)

Questions / Answers

5:30pm - Cocktail

The event will be hosted in french.


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# New publications


Training and Employment | n°158
Between giving up and launching the project: career change plans challenged by the crisis.
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Training and Employment | n°157
Is the health crisis enough to explain the desire for a career change of  the young people of the 2017 cohort of leavers from education and training?
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Formation Emploi #160 | Varia
This issue illustrates the mosaic of trajectories in the educational and employment systems. 
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# Popular publications on our website


  • Retraining is hard work! A survey of unskilled workers, Training & Employment n°156, Read more >
  • About environment and competencesIn and Around n°3,  Read more >
  • What role does education play in environmental concerns?, Training & Employment n°156, Read more >


# Publications in Spanish



Calificaciones y empleo | n°131
La transición ecológica en el trabajo: empleo y formación frente al desafío ambiental
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Calificaciones y empleo | n°130
Crisis sanitaria y formación profesional: el tiempo liberado no es suficiente para formarse
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Calificaciones y empleo | n°129
Reconvertirse es un trabajo. Encuesta sobre los trabajadores no calificados
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Calificaciones y empleo | n°128
Jóvenes que no estudian ni trabajan (NEET): el papel de las competencias básicas
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