Call for Chapters: Cases on Leadership in Adult Education


The Advances in Educational Marketing, Administration, & Leadership (AEMAL) Book Series; strives to provide publications that address all these areas and present trending, current research to assist professionals, administrators, and others involved in the education sector in making their decisions.

Effective leadership of the discipline cannot be divorced from its future direction and its growing impact on national development. The proposed book is intended to bring together lessons from across the globe with a view to enrich the practice of management and leadership of adult education in diverse contexts comprised of formal, non formal and informal settings. All these settings require sound management and leadership processes in order to contribute meaningfully in today's knowledge economy.

The editor is inviting chapter proposals of cases which shall demonstrate management practices crafted on the real and unique needs of specific organisations and people. Among other things, cases should integrate efforts of all role players and together with management principles that guided effective practices; demonstrate support structures that have been utilised to drive effective management; illustrate dynamic leadership and management styles that will enable managers to keep abreast of the ever changing demands on adult learning fuelled by technological changes and globalisation. For more details click this link.

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Discussion topics: