Cedefop press release - Ever closer European cooperation on VET

Cedefop press release - Ever closer European cooperation on VET

In the framework of European countries’ cooperation on VET and lifelong learning, Cedefop monitors, analyses and reports on countries’ priorities and activities.

For the current policy cycle, which started with two policy documents setting the scene – the first ever Council Recommendation on VET and the Osnabrück Declaration –, countries have submitted national implementation plans laying out their activities for the coming years up to 2025.

Their activities are in line with the themes proposed in the two policy documents and thus geared towards common goals. These common themes/goals help countries to align their activities in VET while each one can focus on what matters most to it.

The themes are the following:

  • Agile, resilient and adaptive VET;
  • Flexible VET providing progression routes;
  • Innovation and excellency in VET;
  • Attractive, modern, and digital VET;
  • Inclusive VET offering equal opportunities; and
  • VET underpinned by quality assurance.

Cedefop’s role in the process is pivotal: it gathers the necessary national information through its network of expertise spanning all EU Member States, Iceland and Norway, ReferNet, and analyses it in a structured, comparable way to inform the European Commission and other stakeholders.

In this context, Cedefop will also launch a novel website, Timeline of VET policies in Europe, which will showcase more than 1000 different national strategies and initiatives, allowing policymakers and practitioners to follow how countries’ policies and practices are deployed and develop over time, from design to completion. For more information on European VET policy reporting and practical examples of the policies countries have started to implement under the different themes, please consult Cedefop’s latest briefing note. • Read Cedefop’s press releases here. • Subscribe to Cedefop’s other media products (briefing notes, newsletter, podcasts, etc.) by creating a user account or editing your profile on our website.