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We are pleased to present the July 2017 issue of the Digital newsletter of CLAYSS, the Latin American Center for Service Learning:


July 2017


While we celebrate our 15 years as an organization, we are starting two new programs and continue growing with others.
Our most recent program is "Service-Learning in the Arts", which will offer economic support, technical assistance and training to 15 educational institutions throughout Argentina for the development of Service-Learning projects that use different arts as part of their community action.
We have also started an exploratory program for the promotion of Service-Learning in Peru.
The first actions with the EDUCAPAZ Network in Colombia have also started: since last year we have collaborated to include Service-Learning projects among peace education tools offered to schools in rural areas affected by violence.
We are also growing our program in Brazil and the alliance with the Scholas Network.

Goodbye Juan Carlos Tedesco

The death of Juan Carlos Tedesco fills us with pain. From CLAYSS we are very thankful to someone who was not only a great intellectual and an indisputable referent for Latin American and world education, but also a warm educator, always ready to accompany us in the promotion of Service-Learning. As Director of IIEP-UNESCO, then as the Minister of Education of Argentina, and as the great researcher and pedagogue that he was, he always accompanied us, encouraged the National Solidarity Education Program and CLAYSS, and offered us words and gestures full of affection and wisdom. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones, and to the many friends and colleagues who will miss him as much as we already do. We remember him in his last participation in the International Service-Learning Conference, in which he spoke of the close link between scientific and citizenship education:


The 14th International Service-Learning Week

The 14th International Service-Learning Week will be held from August 22 to 26 in the City of Buenos Aires. The activities will include the20th International "Service-Learning" Conference , the IV Service-Learning Research Symposium, the XIX meeting of the Ibero-American Network of Service-Learning, the First Meeting of Service-Learning  in the Arts and Site Visits to Institutions that develop Service-Learning experiences.
You can download the preliminary agenda of the International Week here and the International Service-Learning Conference here.
For updated information about the Conference click here.


Registration for the “20º International Service-Learning Conference” is open!

The “20º International Service-Learning Conference”, which will take place on 24th- 25th August 2017, in the San Agustín Conference Hall of Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (Av. Alicia M. de Justo 1300, City of Buenos Aires).
This year's edition of the Conference is very special for those of us who work in CLAYSS and for those who choose service-learning on a daily basis through the development of their projects or research. It will be an opportunity to take stock of what has been learned in these 20 years and also to think together about the challenges we face towards the future.
Our Conference has been established as the annual space w here students, teachers, researchers, public officers and organizations leaders in the Latin American region and other regions around the world can meet and exchange experiences, knowledge and listen to leading specialists and build networks to work together. 
Participation in the Conference is free. Limited capacity. 
Registration: From July 10 to August 20, you can register for the Conference here
Agendas: 20º International Service-Learning Conference
14º International Service-Learning Week
FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions


CLAYSS at the II Service-Learning Meeting in Brazil

CLAYSS participated in Brazil of the "II Meeting on Service-Learning in Brazil: A Path to the Brazilian Service-Learning Network ". The activities were carried out at the el Instituto Singularidades of São Paulo for 30 participants from 12 institutions that shared experiences and discussed the creation of a Brazilian Service-Learning Network. 
Representing CLAYSS were Executive Director Enrique Ochoa and María Luna Kelly. The meeting is part of a new CLAYSS Program for Service-Learning  Promotion in Brazil, which includes grants for online and onsite training for teachers and leaders of organizations in some regions of Brazil, as well as the development of content and publications in Portuguese.


CLAYSS in Colombia

We continue this year with EDUCAPAZ, an initiative for local action, advocacy and research, which is composed of civil society organizations, including CLAYSS. Among other activities, EDUCAPAZ is dedicated to observe, study and propose actions to build peace through education, and also to advise the Ministry of Post-Conflict. The intervention strategy consists of long-term actions strengthening institutional, territorial, national and individual capacities, paying special attention to people and populations that have been particularly affected by conflict.


CLAYSS in Perú

From May 22 to 25 CLAYSS - represented by Nieves Tapia and Paula Basílico - met with various actors committed to the dissemination of volunteering, University Social Responsibility and Service-Learning in order to explore possible alliances and joint actions in the future.
Activities included the Conference "Learning serves, serving teaches. Service-Learning  that gathered 50 participants and more than 100 virtual participants (co-organized, among others, by URSULA), and the participation of 30 representatives of a dozen social organizations and educational institutions grouped around the network of the Volunteering National Center (Centro Nacional del Voluntariado CENAVOL).
Also CLAYSS was present in a colloquium with the network of Marianist Schools of Peru that three years ago fully implemented the Service-Learning proposal. On the other hand, meetings were held with various educational and governmental institutions that included the Peruvian URS Network to explore the possibility of articulating actions towards the creation of a Service-Learning National Network, which concluded with a meeting in The Pacific University.



Video about Aeroparque School award-winning Service-Learning experience

The team of CLAYSS Uruguay Headquarters developed an audiovisual follow-up of the experience of the Aeroparque Technical School from Colonia Nicolich, which enabled the realization of a video showing the project in all its stages.
The students, accompanied by their teachers, designed, developed, and placed square games, tables, benches and a bridge and placed soccer arches in the square of the neighborhood. The project had several recognitions, the main one, to be one of the first prizes in the 2015 and 2016 editions of the "Solidary Education Contest".
Both the video in full version and a synthesis of the project are available.




Innovative recycling project awarded in Uruguay

The School N ° 88 of Las Violetas, Uruguay, has been working for years in projects with the population of the area. The institution, which has a long trajectory developing community educational experiences, worked on a project that emerged from a need in its community. It was promoted by teachers in the classroom and carried out by students, both inside and outside the school, who designed recycling containers that in addition to household waste harbor elements that pollute the water.
Thanks to this project, School No. 88 was one of the winners of the "Solidarity Education 2016" contest, which was awarded this year, where they were one of the fourteen educational institutions that received the first prize.
The teachers and students of the school of Las Violetas worked three years ago together with Uruguay CLAYSS Headquarters, and in 2014 they obtained another first prize for a healthy food project.




CLAYSS in México

On May 29 and 30, CLAYSS held a Service-Learning Training Workshop for Teachers of the University of Monterrey convening 25 teachers and academics from different disciplines.
The training is part of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) process, a Learning Improvement Plan for the next 10 years at UDEM, and one of the strategies chosen by the university in this plan is Learning-Service.

Representing CLAYSS were Enrique Ochoa and Gabriela Malacrida, who also participated in a working lunch with the rector Antonio Dieck Assad, Vice-rectors Carlos Basurto and Eduardo García Luna and other authorities of the UDEM to analyze the institutionalization process that is being developed.


CLAYSS in the Education and Innovation Series of Events: New Opportunities for Teachers

On Wednesday, May 10, the Education and Innovation Event: New Opportunities for Teachers of the 21st Century was held at the Centro Cultural San Martin, Buenos Aires.
Maria Rosa Tapia Sasot, Member of CLAYSS Board of Directors, was invited to participate in the first edition of the series of events. During the meeting first-person stories of teachers who went beyond the classroom and discovered new career opportunities for "curious teachers" were shared. Ma. Rosa highlighted how the opportunity to participate in service experiences during her adolescence motivated her to seek to integrate learning and community service in her teaching task, and to link it with her training in new technologies. Denise Abulafia, co-founder of Educatina and Melania Ottaviano, Member of the TedxRíodelaPlata Education Team and Representative of the TED-ED Club project participated in the meeting.



CLAYSS at the International Meeting of Educators in Rosario

From May 11 to 13, the International Meeting of Educators organized by New Humanity, an NGO with consultative status with UNESCO and the United Nations, was held in Rosario, Argentina. With the participation of 408 people from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, and the presence of Pierre and Marie-Annick Benoit (New Humanity-UNESCO, Paris), the Meeting proposed to generate spaces for horizontal dialogue among educators, revaluing and circulating stories of the own practice and problems, sharing personal, group or institutional experiences, aiming to build fraternal networks.


Union of University Social Responsibility from Latin America (URSULA), joins the Ibero-American Service-learning Network (REDIBAS)

On May 24, at a meeting organized at the Universidad del Pacífico in Lima, CLAYSS joined URSULA, Union of University Social Responsibility from Latin America, and the URSULA member universities joined the Ibero-American Service-learning Network (REDIBAS).

The meeting between François Vallaeys, Coordinator of URSULA and Nieves Tapia, Director of CLAYSS, took place in the framework of an intense working day shared with representatives of Peruvian universities and social organizations.


Foundation of the Peruvian USR Network

The Peruvian RSU Network was created on April 21, 2017 with the objective of encouraging the dialogue between the State, the university and civil society, in order to promote Policies in USR with a positive impact on social transformation. Its founding members are: National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco, National University of San Cristóbal de Huamanga, National University of Trujillo, National University of Tumbes, National University of the Altiplano, National University of Callao, National University of Central Peru, University National of the Santa, National University Faustino Sánchez Carrión, National University Federico Villarreal, National University Hermilio Valdizán, National University Jorge Basadre Grohmann, National University Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo, University for the Andean Development, National University of San Martín, National University of Ucayali, National University Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza, University of the Pacific and the National University of San Marcos, with the impetus of the Union of University Social Responsibility from Latin America (URSULA). As a member of URSULA, the Peruvian Network has also joined the Ibero-American Service-learning Network.


The Chilean Service-Learning Network (REASE) elected a new Executive Coordination

The Service-Learning National Network of Chile (REASE) elected a new Executive Coordination on April 28 in the framework of its regular meetings. The elected officials, who will serve until March 2019, are Natacha Pino of the University of la Frontera, Jose Tomás Montalva of the Catholic University of Chile and Karen Cravero Belmonte of the Catholic University Silva Henríquez.
From CLAYSS we send our warmest greetings to the new Coordination, who will have the challenge of going deeper into the path previously traveled by Gema Santander, Patricia Dintrans and Manuel Caire.


Meeting of the REDIBAS, Ibero-American Network of Service-learning

As usual, we will hold our annual Network meeting within the framework of the International Service-Learning Week in August, on Tuesday, August 22, from 3 to 6 pm. (Argentina time). In this meeting, we will have a virtual space for those who cannot participate personally. The meeting is for members of the Network, one participant per Institution.
To register your participation or request virtual participation, please write to [email protected]
More information:




Upcoming CLAYSS activities

  • August 24 and 25: 20th International Service-Learning Conference. Buenos Aires, in the "San Agustín" Auditorium at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, Alicia Moreau de Justo 1300. More information at
  • October 2 and 3: 1st Learning Week-Service in Central and Eastern Europe, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • October 20: I National Service-Learning Day. Montevideo, Uruguay. UCUDAL from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Aula Magna and Sala Bauzá, Av. 8 de Octubre, Montevideo.

Other Activities

  • September 14-16: IARSLCE Conference. A new edition of the annual conference of the International Association of Researchers in Service- Learning and Community Engagement will be held in Ireland at the National University of Ireland in Galway. Soon more information on the IARSLCE website:
  • October 13-14: VIII National Congress and III International University, Seville, Spain. Organized by the University Service-Learning Network. More information here or by email to [email protected]




Where is the Wisdom in Service-Learning?

The service-learning field is more than 50 years old in the United States. Much has been developed in these years in the field of school education, higher education and community organizations. This book gathers the testimonies of people who have been involved in service-learning for over 30 or 40 years: what they have learned, their experiences and the wisdom they can share with those who will be involved in the coming decades. The book is edited by Robert Shumer, one of the pioneers of the American service-learning movement, now a retired professor at the University of Minnesota and Metropolitan State University.


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