CONFINTEA Special Issue of the PIMA Bulletin

CONFINTEA Special Issue of the PIMA Bulletin

The series of World Conference on Adult Education implemented by UNESCO and its partners met for CONFINTEA VII in June in Marrakech this year. The first was in Helsingör in 1949, followed in a twelve year cycle by Montreal in 1960, Tokyo in 1972, Paris in 1985, Hamburg in 1997, and Bélem in 2009.

CONFINTEA VII in 2022 concluded with a major document which will guide the world of adult learning and education (ALE) on global, regional, netional and local level. Its full title is: CONFINTEA VII Marrakech Framework for Action. Harnessing the transformational power of Adult Learning and Education (MFA). It is attached herewith.

PIMA as the Friends of Pascal International Association publishes a Bulletin regularly. All previous issues can be accessed through Special Issues of the PIMA Bulletin are used to discuss a certain toipic from a variety of angels. The previous No 43 was on Later Life Learning.

This Special Issue is especially on the process and the outcomes of CONFINTEA VII. It looks at activities in the preparatory phase, experiences from the MFA Drafting Group, civil society contributions through the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) and its partners, and moves into follow-up work which takes place on national, regional and local levels. This includes already involvements into the Transformative Education Summit in September 2022.

PIMA should highly appreciate if you could help to disseminate this CONFINTEA Special through all your newsletters, publications, platforms widely, and make use of it within your organisations and with your partners, and maybe even deepen these efforts through translations. It can also be used as material for students. The Post-CONFINTEA VII advocacy and engagement has started and needs further support through all of you. PIMA will be a strong partner in this process, and the PIMA Bulletin will be an instrument for publication of these follow-up activities.