CR&DALL Briefing Paper 2 (BP2) - Pluriversal Literacy

CR&DALL Briefing Paper 2 (BP2) - Pluriversal Literacy

Within this field of inquiry and practice, CR&DALL in partnership with the Sustainable Futures Global Network and the School of Education at the University of Glasgow are taking forward a number of interrelated research and innovation initiatives. These include:

  1. A forthcoming book: When words are not enough: Toward a pluriversal literacies education that sustains us (Perry, M. forthcoming, Routledge);
  2. A research project Renewing Literacies Education for Sustainable and Equitable Futures;
  3. The establishment of a Global Literacies Hub hosted as part of the Sustainable Futures Global Network.

This Briefing Paper introduces these initiatives.

Mia Perry

CR&DALL Themes: 

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