Crisis Response – The role of German Adult Learning and Education in coping with the Corona pandemic


The work of the German Volkshochschulen as adult education centers suffers from the Corona pandemic. Most centers are closed, and to turn around and have all the face-to-face courses on-line in a short time is not possible. However, the number of on-line courses like for languages is growing.

It is also interesting to look at the response of DVV International. They have published a Corona statement; the English version is featured below and attached. This has been translated into some 15 languages to support colleagues, offices, and partners around the globe.

You will find the translation of this statement as well as some interesting examples of how the work in the partner countries continues, and how they adapt to the situation on the DVVI website.

The images below show how Georgian and Southeast Asian adult education centers are responding to the crisis.

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