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Here is the latest DVV International Newsletter issue featured below. It carries a wealth of important and practice-oriented information on current developments in the areas of ALE and LLL, especially where DVV International and its partners are involved. Additionally, it contains materials and documents with easy access.

Issue 2/2023
DVV International Newsletter
Dear Reader,

The cruel attacks on Israel by the radical Islamic terrorist organisation Hamas and the resulting escalation of violence have shaken us to the core. Our heartfelt compassion goes out to the civilian population of Israel and Palestine. They are experiencing immense suffering as a result of the ongoing state of war.

We have been actively engaged in Adult Learning and Education in the Middle East since 2009, currently with offices in Jordan and Palestine. Eight local staff and numerous colleagues in partner organisations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are currently exposed to the extremely tense security situation and the catastrophic humanitarian predicament in Gaza. They are struggling to find ways to deal with the hardship and extraordinary burdens that they and their families face every day. We are supporting them as best we can.

In many of our other project countries, we also work within the context of war and violent conflict, for example in Afghanistan or Ukraine. Our experience, gained over decades of work, shows us that Adult Learning and Education can make an important contribution towards peace, international understanding and sustainable development, especially in conflict situations. In this context, we have published an Expert Paper that we wish to present to you in this newsletter.

Additionally, we are dedicating a focal point to our Curriculum ManagerALE, a competency-based curriculum for managers of adult education institutions, which is currently being piloted in a number of our partner countries.

We wish you stimulating reading.
Uwe Gartenschlaeger                    
Director DVV International                               
Esther Hirsch
Deputy Director DVV International       
Adult Learning and Education in times of war and conflict
Expert Paper: Adult Learning and Education in times of war and conflict 
Wars and violent conflicts are significantly increasing in extent and intensity worldwide. Based on the decades of experience of DVV International, the expert paper describes the contribution of Adult Learning and Education (ALE) in the support of people and societies in times of war and conflict. The importance of ALE is not limited to immediate instances of conflict; it can also address both the causes and consequences of conflicts.
Piloting the Curriculum managerALE: Insights from different regions
Johann Heilmann
First lessons from piloting the Curriculum managerALE in Asia
With the development of the Curriculum managerALE in 2021, a major gap in addressing the needs of adult education actors was closed. Since then, it has been piloted in several Asian countries. The process was accompanied by a study that provided some valuable findings.
Dinno Zaghi
Dialogues towards a curriculum for the management of training centres in Guatemala and Mexico
In many Latin American countries, structures of Adult Learning and Education are poorly developed. Teachers must often take on a double role: Teaching, and managing education centres at the same time. The Curriculum managerALE is now being piloted in Guatemala and Mexico to equip educators with the necessary knowledge and tools.  
Dionisie Cotruța
Managing ALE-Institutions – a regional training for Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine
Communities in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus need to cope not only with global challenges such as climate change or economic shifts, they are also facing the ongoing war against Ukraine and its consequences. DVV International organised a regional training for managers of ALE-Institutions to provide them with strategies and tools to better address the needs of their communities. 
Jarkynay Usupova
Piloting the Curriculum managerALE in Kyrgyzstan  Lessons learned and future perspectives 
In 2022 and 2023, DVV International has been piloting the Curriculum managerALE in Kyrgyzstan in order to further strengthen the management and delivery of non-formal education in the country. The article shares insights about the approach and lessons learned from the process.
Regional activities from DVV International and its partners
Frauke Heinze
Revitalising the national adult education programme in Tanzania 
Over the past two decades adult education has fallen out of focus in Tanzania. In a joint effort, DVV International, who started activities in the country in 2021, and the National Ministry of Education, Science and Technology are working to revitalise the sector and the national adult education programme. 
Jesé Romero and Carlos Díaz
Rethinking education to dignify life: reflections on new opportunities in the digital age
Covid-19 forced us to rethink and reinvent the way we teach, the way we learn and the way we work. We witnessed a major shift from traditional in-person formats to online settings. DVV International Mexico has taken up this challenge by creating new, digital forms of learning and collaboration.
Adela Scutaru-Gutu
Chisinau and Mannheim: City twinning for fostering adult learning and education
The Municipal Centre for Adult Learning and Education in Chisinau, Moldova, started its first courses in July 2023, while its German counterpart, the Abendakademie (Evening Academy) Mannheim has a history of 120 years. Mannheim and Chisinau are twinned-cities and the two ALE-institutions have started a close cooperation of sharing and learning to strengthen community-based adult learning and education. 
DVV International latest news
Malawi launches Adult Learning and Education Strategy
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