DVV International opens a new toolbox for adult learning and education (ALE)

DVV International opens a new toolbox for adult learning and education (ALE)

The toolbox provides instruments, methodologies, and approaches in Adult Learning and Education (ALE) free of charge.

Who is the ALE Toolbox for?

  • Adult and youth educators teaching different subjects and skills;
  • Anyone interested in educational tools;
  • Civil society and non-governmental organisations;
  • Professionals and volunteers working with refugees and migrants;
  • Adult education and academic institutions;
  • Government offices from national to local level involved in adult education.

Which tools are currently available?

  • Curriculum globALE - Curriculum for training adult educators worldwide;
  • Curriculum institutionALE – Organizational development in ALE institutions;
  • Curriculum interculturALE - Training course for instructors who work with refugees;
  • Adult Learning and Education System Building Approach (ALESBA) - toolkit;
  • Gender in ALE toolkit;
  • Training course - Building Educational Bridges.

For details, examples and materials consult: https://www.dvv-international.de/en/ale-toolbox.

Featured below and attached as PDF are:

Belete, S. (2020). The Adult Education System Building Approach (ALESBA): Toolkit for Implementation. Introduction to the Approach and Toolkit. Bonn: DVV International.

Denys, K. (2020). Curiculum institutionALE. Framework for Strengthening Institutions of Adult Learning and Education. Bonn: DVV International.


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