Glasgow: A City of the Future - the EcCoWell Approach for 2020

Glasgow University Union
32, University Avenue
Glasgow G12 8LX
United Kingdom
Thursday, 5 December, 2013 - 00:00

Despite demanding weather and travel conditions in Scotland, we were delighted to have been able to run the second EcCoWell conference successfully in Glasgow on 5 December.

A full report, all presentations and some videos of the event will be published in due course. See below for attachments of those we have received to date.

The presenters and delegates deserve our appreciation for travelling to the conference on 5th December, 2013 and for making the event a very worthwhile occasion. For the moment, attached are the presentations we are able to reproduce to date. In his keynote presentation, Paul Benneworth of the University of Twente spoke about the tensions and problems around engagement, and getting beyond enthusiastic examples to understanding how, when and why engagement can take place within universities. In his panel presentation Ade Kearns of the University of Glasgow reported on the Go Well project, which is considering the effects of regeneration, and developments and programmes associated with the Commonwealth Games 2014 in the East End of Glasgow upon the quality of life and the health and wellbeing of nearby communities. In his workshop, Rob Mark of the University of Strathclyde spoke about promoting pathways to learning through senior learning, and their health benefits. In their workshop, Anthony Davis and Margaret Layden addressed 'Coomonwealth Legacy and Community development' We were fortunate also to have our colleague, Séamus Ó Tuama, with us to speak on the Cork EcCoWell work and his presentation is also reproduced in the attached papers.

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