GWT Excellence Awards 2022

GWT Excellence Awards 2022

Generations Working Together have launched our Excellence Awards for 2022. Can you please share this information with your members and include it in your newsletters?

Generations Working Together Excellence Awards 2022

Intergenerational relationships have an important contribution to make in the rebuilding of our communities. As the practice of it grows it is so important for everyone to raise awareness of the impact these intergenerational relationships have on improving health, physical and mental well-being for older and younger people and on reducing ageism.

Our awards celebrate individuals and groups to celebrate for their learning and success in building relationships between younger and older generations.

We are looking for applications in the following five categories:

  1. Creative use of Space and Place
  2. Creative use of technologies
  3. Enabling Inclusive Communities
  4. Social Justice and Dignity
  5. Tackling Climate change

The deadline for nominations is 31st January 2022 at 12 noon. Further information, nomination forms and guidance notes can be found on our website:


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