GWT Intergenerational Conference

GWT Intergenerational Conference

Our annual conference is just days away! Join us on Zoom as we speak to 27 practitioners and policy makers who are joining us live from across the UK, USA, Singapore, Israel and Australia.

7 March 2-4PM, Enabling inclusive communities
Hear from Thang Leng Leng (Singapore), then choose one of three webinars:

  • Young people at the heart of intergenerational work
  • Keeping people at the heart
  • Professional development

8 March 7-8.15PM, Celebrating International Women’s Day
Hear from Jude Currie (Scotland), Kaukab Stewart (Scotland), Zarah Al Hilaly (Australia)

9 March 2-4PM, Research and practice
Hear from Matt Kaplan (USA), then choose one of three webinars:

  • Connectivity and design
  • Practice that tranforms
  • Ageism

10 March 2-4PM, Spaces and places
Hear from Eunice Lin Nichols (USA), then choose one of three webinars:

  • Developing an IG shared site
  • Climate Change
  • It's never too early

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