Higher Education in a Globalising World: Community engagement and lifelong learning

University of Glasgow School of Education
St Andrews Building, Room 517a
11 Eldon St
Glasgow G3 6NH
United Kingdom
Friday, 6 December, 2019 - 12:30 to 13:30

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This book focuses on current policy discourse in Higher Education, with special reference to Europe. It discusses globalisation, Lifelong Learning, the EU's Higher Education discourse, this discourse's regional ramifications and alternative practices in Higher Education from both the minority and majority worlds with their different learning traditions and epistemologies (MUP, 2019).

Henry Giroux, in his review stated:

It is impossible to discuss higher education outside the context of globalization. Peter Mayo's Higher Education in a Globalising Context may be the best book we have on the subject. Not only does Mayo offer a stunning detailed analysis of the globalizing forces shaping higher education within dialectic of oppression and resistance, but he does so with a style that is as rigorous as it is accessible and poetic. This book is a must-read for anyone concerned with how the political landscape of higher education has changed under the impending and powerful forces of globalization. This book is at once a theoretical and political toolbox for rethinking the relationship between power and politics, on the one hand, and higher education and the complex forces of globalization on the other. If you want to understand how power and resistance mutually engage each other in the 21st century in the struggle over higher education, read this book and then give to your friends.

Peter Mayo is Professor of Sociology of Education and Adult Education at the University of Malta and a distinguished speaker, editor and writer in the field. He has published well over 100 papers, authored or co-authored 20 books including: Gramsci, Freire and Adult Education (1999, Zed Books) subsequently published in translation in seven other languages, Liberating Praxis (Praeger, 2004 - AESA Critics Choice Award, 2005), and Learning and Social Difference (Routledge, 2007). Delivered numerous keynotes at conferences around the globe and on the editorial or consulting board of a number of academic journals.  

CR&DALL Seminar Series 2019-20: Special Event Book Launch

Higher Education in a Globalising World: Community engagement and lifelong learning

Author: Professor Peter Mayo University of Malta

Friday, 6th December 2019 12:00-13:30

St. Andrews Building, Room 517a

All are welcome. Tea and Coffee will be available

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