ICAE’s Academy of LifeLong Learning Advocacy - Lebanon in April/May 2023

ICAE’s Academy of LifeLong Learning Advocacy - Lebanon in April/May 2023

There is now an opportunity to join the International Council of Adult Education (ICAE)’s Academy of LifeLong Learning Advocacy – IALLA.

Here is an extract from ICAE's website giving more detail.

IALLA is one of the main pillars of ICAE’s work for years. It is a full training course – the main international capacity building programme that ICAE has designed with aims of identifying and supporting Adult Learning and Education (ALE) leaders and activists from all over the world, broadening their understanding and knowledge on adult learning and education, and developing their competencies in ALE advocacy. In addition, the programme also aims to facilitate the exchange of experiences, collaborative learning, and networking.

Thanks to the support of Open Society Foundation, ICAE will organise the 10th IALLA in 2022, from 27th April – 2nd May 2023 in Broumana, Mount Lebanon (ca 15 min drive from Beirut downtown), Lebanon. In addition to the week-long face-to-face workshop, all participants are required to participate in three introductory online sessions the week before, and three online follow-up sessions the week after IALLA. Participation in the online sessions is mandatory for all participants.

The thematic focus of the 10th IALLA will be on adult education and women, one of the most important topics in adult learning and education policy and practice and a cross-cutting issue in many ALE projects and activities. 

For more information, see the IALLA website...

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