Kentucky meets the East End of Glasgow


As part of an international collaboration between the University of Glasgow (Community Development team & students) and the University of Kentucky, a week long study visit was organised for the students, staff and their elected member from Kentucky to spend some time exploring Community Development in the East End of Glasgow.

Our visitors were welcomed to the city with a civic reception from the Lord Provost Sadie Docherty and a number of locally elected councillors along with an East End MP and MSP.

This week long study trip enabled our visitors to spend a few days immersed in the East End were they each got an opportunity to spend time in a number of local community projects, who had very generously agreed to be their hosts for this visit. During this time they got the chance to meet a variety of different people in the community that included those who hold positions of power and influence in order for them to get a real sense of how the East End works.

The study trip culminated in a shared learning event at the university that enabled us all to explore the key themes that emerged from their observations and conversations thereby creating a space for shared dialogue and an exchange of ideas and opinions. 

All of the local projects involved in the collaboration support a BA Community Development student. All of whom work and live in the community. A number of them will make the journey to Kentucky in July to take part in a similar programme.

Students and staff having lunch in Parkhead youth Project

Civic reception at City chambers


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