Launching the LLLGlossary: a Review of Lifelong Learning Terminology


The Lifelong Learning Platform - European Civil Society for Education, a pan-European civil society network gathering 40+ European networks in all sectors of education and training, and youth, promotes a holistic idea of lifelong (and life-wide) learning, inclusive and flexible learning environments and active engagement of citizens in shaping and modernising education and training systems in Europe.

We are delighted to share with CR&DALL our latest publication The LLLGlossary: Review of Lifelong Learning Terminology. The process of developing the LLLGlossary consisted of desk research, a survey and several rounds of consultations with the Advisory Board (UNESCO, Cedefop, European Commission - DG EMPL, ASEM-LLL Hub, EESC) as well as with our diverse membership.

With our latest publication, we present commonly agreed definitions, words, abbreviations, acronyms, used frequently in written work, giving terms contextual meaning. The contextual meaning is an important value as the glossary aims to reflect the different use of the same term, as well as its different inclinations. This Glossary does not seek to provide universal definitions to the different terminologies used in the field, nor to replace any existing formal education dictionary. But it pays a common ground to understand the contexts in which lifelong learning, education and training take place. 

You can find the an introduction to the work here and the glossary here. It is also attached for convenience.

We look forward to maintaining the LLLGlossary, a living document with further updates planned for the upcoming years as well as additional accompanying tools to be developed.


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