Lifelong Learning in the COVID-19 Crisis: Where Next?


Professor John Field, University of Stirling, has written an article on the position of lifelong learning during the pandemic for Inside Government. He explores how in a time of struggle, adult learning is booming as many are using this time to learn new skills.

It is an interesting article and I encourage all to take the time to read it. It is featured below and also available here

Additionally, in the article there is a link to the November forum, 'Lifelong Learning: Raising Standards of Adult Education.'

For your information, the forum is an opportunity for participants to discuss strategies for enhancing the quality of adult education.  Following the announcement of the National Retraining Partnership, as part of the wider Industrial Strategy, education and training providers must prepare to upskill and retrain adults in an effective way to fill skills gaps across the country, particularly in light of skills shortages which are likely to widen as a result of Brexit. Policymakers and sector leaders will share policy updates for facilitating these efforts, while best practice case studies will share methods for ensuring training and learning opportunities are accessible to those who would most benefit and are in line with labour market needs.

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