'Migration and Intimate Life' GRAMNet Workshop

University of Glasgow
University Avenue
United Kingdom
Friday, 21 November, 2014 - 00:00

The second interdisciplinary one-day workshop will take place at the University of Glasgow on 21 November 2014. Attendance is open to researchers (academic and non-academic) and practitioners/volunteers from the voluntary and public sectors. The initiative is funded by the University of Glasgow’s New Initiatives Fund and Robertson Bequest.
The workshop will explore the formation and transformation of intimacy in the context of transnational and internal migration; topics explored include (but are not limited to) same-sex and heterosexual coupledom; single migrants; relationship breakdown and divorce; child-parent relations; forms of parenthood and childcare (including fostering and adoption); diverse childhoods, inter-generational ties, aging families; social networks, friendships and personal communities.
The event will include contributions from external speakers, from Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Research Network (GRAMNet) researchers, and partner organizations and practitioners associated with GRAMNet. The workshop is intended to showcase work by doctoral and early career researchers within GRAMNet, and there will be an emphasis on knowledge exchange and collaboration between academic researchers and practitioners working with specific migrant groups.
The workshop’s key aims are as follows:

  • To share insights from empirical research and practitioners’ work on how migrants 'do' intimacy, family and personal relationships
  • To identify discrepancies between migrants’ practices and legal/policy definitions of e.g. ‘family’, ‘intimacy’ etc.
  • To discuss gaps in knowledge and service provision
  • To share insights on how to develop effective collaborative research
  • To identify shared interests, ideas and topics deserving further investigation

Confirmed speakers include: Professor Mike Baynham (University of Leeds), Hanna Jedh (Rape Crisis Centre Glasgow), Dr Richard Mole (UCL), Professor Tracey Reynolds (London South Bank University), Dr Alison Strang (Queen Margaret University), Dr Paulina Trevena (GRAMNet, University of Glasgow).

The full programme and abstracts are available to download on the website:
For further information please contact the organisers:

Dr Marta Moskal – [email protected]
Dr Francesca Stella – [email protected]

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