Navigating Your International Doctoral Experience (and Beyond)

Navigating Your International Doctoral Experience (and Beyond)

Subscribers may be interested to know that there is a newly-published Routledge book entitled ‘Navigating Your International Doctoral Experience (and Beyond)’ written by Dr Dely Lazarte Elliot – a core CR&DALL member. This book aims to help prospective and current international scholars who pursue their doctoral education in countries other than their country of origin to manage cross-cultural transition effectively with a view to making the most of their doctoral journeys.

In this book, Elliot has offered a new model for understanding what could underpin the quality of international scholars’ experience by using a range of concepts and theories including metacognition, Self-Determination Theory and the hidden curriculum in doctoral education. By doing so, Elliot aims to elucidate the inherent potential, challenges and uncertainties embedded in the international sojourn as well as advance the notion of a holistic development of doctoral scholars.

Navigating Your International Doctoral Experience (and Beyond) is part of the Insider Guides to Success in Academia, with Professor Pat Thomson (University of Nottingham, UK) and Dr Helen Kara (Independent Researcher, UK) as Series Editors.

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See also below the poster presented at the Higher Education Reform Conference (HER), Glasgow, UK, 21-23 June 2023.

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