New Book "Academic Freedom in Higher Education Core Value or Elite Privilege?"


We are very pleased to report the publication of a new book, Academic Freedom in Higher Education - Core Value or Elite Privilege?, co-written by visiting Professor Maria Slowey (an associate of CR&DALL) and Professor Dick Taylor.

Details are found at this link.

The publishers introduction to the book reads:

This timely book explores the challenges facing universities and individual scholars through an examination of the history and theory underlying the concept of academic freedom.

Freedom of speech is widely viewed as a central attribute of contemporary liberal democracies and within limits — differing opinions can be articulated in public without fear of reprisal. Academic freedom, long regarded as central to the idea of the university is, on the other hand, a right which must be earned through the acquisition of expert knowledge and the application of intellectual rigor in teaching and research. Both hard-won freedoms are argued by many to be under serious threat.

The expert contributors to this book, from different global regions, examine both the importance of academic freedom and the severe threats universities face in this context in the twenty-first century. With its interdisciplinary perspective and cross-national emphasis, central issues in this text are illustrated through detailed examination of case studies and consideration of wider developments in the academy. Adopting a longue duree approach, rather than discussing the details of fast moving, controversies, the analyses offer insights for an educated public about an issue of pressing, contemporary significance.

This book will be of interest to researchers, policy makers, staff and students across higher education and to members of the general public, who are concerned about these important and contested matters.

We also are sure that this book will be of wide interest.

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