New book inspired by Professor Jim Gallacher - Access, Lifelong Learning and Education for All

New book inspired by Professor Jim Gallacher - Access, Lifelong Learning and Education for All

A new book, Access, Lifelong Learning and Education for All, has just been published in the Palgrave Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (PSAELL) book series, and is edited by Gareth Parry, Peter Scott and CR&DALL Director, Mike Osborne.

This collection of essays was inspired by the work of Professor Jim Gallacher, who for some four decades, until his death in 2020, was a driving force in the widening of access to higher education in Scotland, and in fostering the development of research in lifelong learning in the UK and beyond. Each of the editors and many of the contributors to this collection had close working relations with Jim, and considered him a close friend, and hope that he would have been pleased with the book.

What the Reviews Say

"The time is ripe for re-evaluation of access, lifelong learning and education for all in the light of contemporary social and ecological perspectives. This book lays the ground for this critical examination. The three different but intersecting and overlapping domains are explored conceptually and in practice across educational sectors and continents. It is a thought-provoking text by serious scholars."

- Shirley Walters, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

"This insightful collection is a must-read for scholars, students and policy-makers. With its broad geographical spread and wide-ranging examples, many rooted in practice, the collection opens up new and constructive ways of thinking about access, lifelong learning and education for all."

- Miriam Zukas, Birkbeck, University of London, UK

"This volume explores the wide-ranging demands confronting post-secondary education. Drawing on experience in a variety of international settings, the issues for governments, organisations, communities and individuals are considered. The volume will be a key resource for researchers and decision-makers."

- John Field, University of Stirling, UK

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As a colleague and friend of Jim's I am very moved to see this publication. Congratulations to all contribitors, and to the editors. As Maya Angelou wrote 'If you are going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can't be erased'. Jim achieved that on that on so many levels; this book is testimony to that

Dr Judy Harris