New book series launched - Bloomsbury Critical Education


A new book series has been launched by Bloomsbury - Bloomsbury Critical Education. The editor, PASCAL Associate Peter Mayo and head of the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education at the University of Malta, welcomes proposals that shed lights on aspects of critical education, including critical pedagogy, that derive from different parts of the globe or that include aspects that are less known or unknown in the Anglo-American world.

Bloomsbury Critical Education is fundamentally concerned with the relationship between education and power in society, and is committed to publishing volumes containing insights into ways of confronting inequalities and social exclusions in different learning settings and in society at large.
Recent and forthcoming titles in the series:

  • Pedagogy, Politics and Philosophy of Peace: Interrogating Peace and Peacemaking, edited by Carmel Borg (University of Malta, Malta) & Michael Grech (University of Malta, Malta) 9781474282796 | hardback | Feb 2017
  • Critical Human Rights, Citizenship, and Democracy Education: Entanglements and Regenerations, edited by Michalinos Zembylas (Open University of Cyprus, Cyprus) & André Keet (Nelson Mandela University, South Africa) 9781350045620 | hardback | May 2018
  • The Transformative Power of Hope in Education, edited by Maureen Farrell (University of Glasgow, UK), Julie McAdam (University of Glasgow, UK) & Mary Lappin (University of Glasgow, UK), 2019
  • Critical Pedagogy Under Siege in Palestine: A Freirean Perspective, by Nur Masalha (University of London, UK), Peter Mayo (University of Malta, Malta) & Najwa Silwadi (UK), 2020
  • Ecopedagogy: Critical Environmental Teaching for Planetary Justice and Global Sustainable Development, by Greg William Misiaszek (Beijing Normal University, China), 2020
  • Education, Individualization and Neoliberalism: Youth in Southern Europe, by Valerie Visanich (University of Malta, Malta), 2020

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