New MOOC offer - Education for All: building an inclusive learning environment


CR&DALL Deputy Director Margaret Sutherland will be developing over the next year, one of the University of Glasgow's new courses within the Futurelearn platform.

Below is a summary of the course, Education for All: building an inclusive learning environment, which will be linked to the MEd in Inclusive Education: Policy and Practice, as well as CR&DALL's research themes of Development Education, Poverty and International Development, and Pedagogy of Post-Compulsory Education:

Did the Education for All agenda develop more inclusive societies and schools or are young people with disabilities disproportionately denied their right to education? This course will help teachers explore, discuss and challenge the ways in which EFA has impacted on education for those who are marginalized and in particular for those with disabilities. Through discussion and analysis of legislation, literature, reports and film teachers will explore the ideas behind inclusive practice and consider how an understanding of inclusion will result in teachers creating a more inclusive learning environment for all.

Further information will be available shortly.


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