Open-Access Book: Advances on Global Education and Research Vol 4

Open-Access Book: Advances on Global Education and Research Vol 4

We are proud to announce that the fourth volume of Advances in Global Education and Research, an open-access textbook has been published. The chapters in this book are peer-reviewed as part of the 4th Global Conference on Education and Research (GLOCER).

This volume has the following parts:

Part 1: Adult Education
Part 2: Curriculum and Instruction Development
Part 3: Educational Technology
Part 4: Education in Other Specialties
Part 5: English as a Second Language
Part 6: Global Competence
Part 7: Higher Education and Educational Leadership
Part 8: Inclusive Education
Part 9: International Education
Part 10: PreK-12
Part 11: Research Methods in Education

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 License and it is completely free to download and share with others. The open-access book series is a joint effort of the University of South Florida M3 Center and the University of South Florida Library. The books and journal articles published by the M3 Center have been downloaded more than 200,000 times this year.  



We would like to thank the authors who have sent their research articles to us, the reviewers who have reviewed all of these articles, and the entire editorial team who worked tirelessly to produce this book. We encourage the readers to cite the articles where appropriate. 

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