Perspectives on Access to Higher Education: Practice and Research


Dr Samantha Broadhead from Leeds Arts university; Rosemarie Davis from the Skills Company, Manchester and Tony Hudson from University of East London have written a book for Emerald Publishing that takes a critical look at Access to HE education from its early days in the late 1960s to more current developments. 

The book proposes that there are particular ‘Access’ values that are shared by practitioners and sometimes these are at odds with the needs of higher education which are partly driven by a neoliberal discourse.  The ways in which policies and procedures have been developed historically in light of these tensions are explored. 

The book particularly draws to attention the Access practitioner’s voice about some of the current constraints around curriculum design. The project also is an example of cross-sector collaboration.  

The book about Access to HE education will be published in May 2019, details found here:


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